Cherry Hill Safe Roof Cleaning | Pressure Washing

Cherry Hill Safe Roof Cleaning | Pressure Washing


Cherry Hill Safe Roof Cleaning | Pressure Washing

Do you live in Cherry Hill New Jersey and want a local company that provides excellent customer service, amazing results at affordable prices? Aqua Boy Power Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning is right for you! We are located just off route 73 in Marlton New Jersey and we arrive at your residence with a proven track record and trained with uniformed staff. With thousands of satisfied Cherry Hill residences we welcome you to visit our Facebook photographs and online reviews.

Our family owned business would provide you with excellent service from start to finish. Over the course of years Aqua Boy Power Washing has gained the trust of Cherry Hill residences. Each member of our trained staff will ensure that your Cherry Hill Home is cleaned professionally and properly. Aqua Boy Power Washing is certified in Power Washing, Soft Washing and Roof Cleaning. We arrive with state-of-the-art equipment and the best Eco friendly detergents in the business. We are a low pressure / Soft washing company that delivers unmatchable results that last. You can expect 2-3 uniformed technicians protecting your property while cleaning. Every precaution is taken to ensure your plants, trees and shrubs are not damaged.

Cherry Hill Power Washing

Aqua Boy Power Washing applications are recognized as the best in the business. We arrive with absolutely the best and latest equipment in the industry. Our commercial Power Washer can deliver just the correct pressure and heat to produce the highest results. Mildew and Algae covered patios; walkways can be a walking hazard. Without the use of corrosive or harsh chemicals, our company can clean those back patios or concrete areas effectively with our hot water technology. Stamp concrete, paver systems, concrete pool decks, walkways and driveways are no match for Aqua Boy Power Washing.


Cherry Hill Soft Washing

Cherry Hill residences and commercial properties need not fear heavy damaging pressure from a power washer operating by an unqualified technician. Aqua Boy Power Washing is a certified low pressure cleaning company. What does this mean for our customers? A peace of mind that are technicians are trained in the application of Soft Washing and we do not use force to budge stains that are meant to be treated. When you hire Aqua Boy Power Washing you’ll discover that we do NOT power wash 90% of our houses and still achieve results that are far superior to power washing. This process and technique is fairly new to Cherry Hill. Aqua Boy arrives with State-Of-The Art cleaning soft Wash Systems. This system is not a power washer at all, but packs the cleaning power that no power washer can. With only 65-70 psi or pressure equivalent to a garden hose, this system can effectively deliver Eco friendly detergents 3 plus stories high; therefore the use of ladders against your house is not necessary.



Cherry Hill has come to know and trust Aqua Boy Power Washing’s safety standards. Our company takes every step to ensure your plants; trees and shrubs are safe during the entire cleaning process. Once the Eco friendly detergent is distributed it begins to kill green algae, mold and other mildews instantly from the surface. As previously stated algae, mold and mildew are living organisms and should be eradicated off the surface to stop its future growth, the force of water or power washing cannot achieve this. Power washing is an excellent application, but should be left for other surfaces that can withstand heavy pressure.


Cherry Hill Deck Cleaning

Has your Cherry Hill deck taken another winter beating? If you live in Cherry Hill then you know the dense foliage can wreak havoc on all surfaces. Let Aqua Boy Power Washing restore your trex, wooden or paver deck back to its original beauty. Aqua Boy Power Washing is located just outside of Cherry Hill in Marlton New Jersey and we have a proven track record. Our family owned business has been operating in Cherry Hill for 7 plus years. Our staff is trained in all deck restoration cleaning, no matter what your deck is made of; Aqua Boy Power Washing has a solution for you. Are you afraid of heavy pressure or harsh chemical that can damage the deck? Aqua Boy Deck cleaning is top notch in the industry. Aqua Boy Power Washing spares no expense in the latest mild soaps and equipment to ensure we bring about the highest results.

Cherry Hill Safe Roof Cleaning | Pressure Washing

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Cherry Hill Concrete Cleaning

Is your pool deck, walkway, patio, driveway or porch dark and discolored? Aqua Boy Power Washing has a process that will not disappoint you. Cherry Hill Township has relied on the professional concrete cleaning of Aqua Boy Power Washing for many years. Aqua Boy Power Washing will arrive at your Cherry Hill Residence with Truck Mounted Hot Water machines. These machines are designed to deliver the correct pressure and temperature for the best results. Aqua Boy concrete cleaning uses a three-part process. First, Aqua Boy Power Washing will utilize a concrete detergent that is designed to kill all algae and mold within the concrete. Secondly, we use a professional device called a surface cleaner, which is specifically designed for concrete cleaning. Finally, we deliver a hot water rinse. This process will stay cleaner and last longer then any other concrete cleaning out there. Don’t settle for less! Call Aqua Boy Power Washing and experience the difference.


Cherry Hill Stucco Cleaning

Many Cherry Hill residences don’t realize their stucco home can be cleaned safely. When customers think about cleaning their stucco, they simply feel that it’s not possible. Stucco CANNOT be power washed. Power Washing will absolutely damage stucco. Stucco and dry-vit are fragile surfaces and applying pressure will destroy it. Stucco and Dry-vit can be effectively cleaned by a process called “Soft Washing”. This is not a power washer turn down low, but a completely different piece of equipment. This system runs off a 12-volt battery that delivers an eco friendly detergent with the pressure of a household garden hose



Cherry Hill Roof Cleaning

Aqua Boy Power Washing will bring about the highest results in the business. Not only is our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning abilities the best in South Jersey, we offer a “5 year Spot Free Warranty”. We are a low pressure, soft wash roof cleaning company that follows the highest standards in the business. Simply put, we do not power wash roofs! We arrive with State-Of-The-Art roof cleaning equipment designed specifically for roof cleaning. Our process eliminates 100% of all roof algae on contact. Is your roof covered with black streaks? It’s much more then a cosmetic problem. That’s an air born algae that has landed on your roof and began eating the filler in your shingle. Roof Algae will eat years off your roof by feeding on the limestone filler in the shingles.  Over time your roof will have premature aging, rotting, and granule loss. Roof shingles are designed to reflect sunlight and keep your house cool in the warmer months. As the roof algae become larger growing in size so does its black UV shield. The larger the black stain the more heat absorption from the sun. The heat from the sun becomes trapped in your roof; thus, warming your attic and raising your electric bill. Maintaining a cool household temperature in the warmer season becomes a difficult challenge for any AC unit. A constant running AC can be a strain on your wallet. Aqua Boy Power Washing knows your property is your single largest investment, so give us a call for a no obligations free estimate.


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